About Me

A Senior Management professional with the creative ability to ideate, the discipline to effectively execute, the daring to scale and the financial acumen to deliver superior return on capital.

Aval has a proven track record of delivering significant financial outcomes while leading complex initiatives, with a strategic perspective and high visibility across multiple sectors – Real estate, EPC, BPO and Government. He is adept at driving business strategies for growth and creating efficiencies leading to cost optimizations and savings.

As a result-driven entrepreneur, Aval leads procurement transformation and new-age innovation for businesses through his company, Protaiga that offers ‘Consulting & Advisory’ services to streamline procurement processes & identify gaps, provide a robust ‘Enterprise Platform’ to efficiently manage & structure maverick & scattered purchases in organisations and bring in a ‘Diversified Supplier Network’ to meet all purchase requirements with 100% compliances.

Previous Experience

With 24 years of experience in multi-disciplinary areas of Strategy, Procurement, Operations, Projects management, Facilities Management, Six Sigma process improvement, Aval has built expertise in procurement transformation, negotiations, strategic planning, Supplier Development & Relationship Management Aval has had a very rewarding career with the elite Armoured Corps of the Indian Army where he served for over 11 years before hanging up his spurs in March 2005.

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